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The 12 Best Hugo Boss Fragrances For Men That Smell Incredible

The Best Hugo Boss Fragrances For Men

One of the best designer fragrance brands out there has to be Hugo Boss.

I’ve owned so many bottled from BOSS, and still continue to wear them and buy new scents from the brand.

They have aftershave for every occasion, and I have quite a collection that I’ve built up over the years.

But which are the best, and which could I do without?

These are the best Hugo Boss fragrances you can wear right now.

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Adidas Bring Back Adibreak Adicolor Mesh Jersey 90’s Vibes & They’re Brilliant

Adidas Adibreak Adicolour Collection For Spring Summer 2024

I was browsing the Adidas site last week and discovered that they have bought back some of my favourite 90’s clothing. The Adidas Adibreak Adicolor collection for Spring Summer 2024 has arrived, and it brings back so many memories.

These are the key pieces that you need to know about, and everything you want to know about them.

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The Best Dior Fragrance For Men – The Dior Aftershaves That Smell Amazing!

The Best Dior Fragrances For Men

One of the most loved luxury fashion brands for fragrances has to be Dior.

Many consider Dior as a designer fragrance house, producing a good quality scent at an affordable price. I’ve had my fair share of Dior aftershaves in my lifetime, from the old school classic Dior Fahrenheit to the most loved modern scent, Dior Sauvage.

There have been a few more in between, and I have owned a some of them. Here’s a look at what I own, and everything you need to know about them.

These are the best Dior fragrances you can buy today.

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The Best Men’s Trainers 2024 – The Latest Releases From Nike & Adidas [April Update]

Latest Trainer Releases April 2024

We’re into another month and so there’s only one thing to talk about, the best latest trainer releases for April 2024.

I have seen a few trainers which have caught my eye, and of course some iconic footwear has got into the mainstream news for all the wrong reasons. You know why, But I’ll tell you in a second.

For one of the first times I have included Nike, Adidas and Reebok all alongside each other, as there’s some y2k nostalgia which has to get mentioned.

Here’s the latest men’s trainers for April 2024.

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The Best Wedding Day Fragrances For Him – A Men’s Aftershave Guide

The Best Wedding Day Fragrances For Him - A Men's Aftershave Guide

It’s that big day, it’s the wedding day! You’ve probably got your suit and other clothing all ready to go for the big event, but what about you’re scent?

Picking out a good wedding day fragrance is important for every man. Whether you’re the groom, best man, groomsman or guest, it’s important that you smell good.

There’s some aftershaves that will work better than others, so I’m going to break down the best wedding fragrances for him that you can wear on the big day.

These are the best wedding fragrances for him that smell great, day or night.

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The Best TV Series To Binge Watch Right Now (2024) – Box Sets You’ll Not Want To Stop Watching

Best Box Sets To Watch In 2024 - Best TV Streaming Series This Year

There’s so much great TV on right now! Now the the perfect time to binge watch some of the best box sets!

Whether it’s a brand new TV series starting in 2024 or it’s something you’ve loved in the past and want to binge watch, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to TV this year.

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Big Mood On Channel 4 – Here’s Why You Need To Watch The New Hit Series

Big Mood is a brilliant new comedy show on channel 4

Image: Big Mood – Channel 4

If you’re looking for a brand new series for 2024 to watch and you love a bit of comedy, Big Mood on Channel 4 has you covered.

I’ve already watched the first two episodes which were on last week (28th March), and it was a really good watch.

Here’s what it’s all about.

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The Best Rainy Day Fragrances For Men That Smell Incredible

The Best Fragrances To Wear On A Rainy Day For Men

Who’s just loves rain and the rainy season? Nope, me neither. But some people actually do like rain.

The fresh crisp air and that rain smell is good, but getting wet is not. In England we have plenty of rain, so that got me thinking:

What are the best men’s rainy day fragrances?

I’ve taken a look at some of the scents I have, and picked out ten which are perfect for the rain when the weather is humid or still warm.

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Best Fragrances For Men In Their 30’s – Masculine Scents That Smell Good

Best Fragrances For Men In Their 30s

If you’re in your 30s you’ll want to smell good most of the time. Whether that’s going to work, a night out or even just day to day, getting your smell right is as important as your clothes.

The right smell actually adds to your style. You need to get it right.

You’re between the youthful 20s and mature 40s. This can be challenging, but also fun. It means you can still use the younger and youthful scents, while also using the more mature fragrances when the time comes.

These are the best fragrances for men in their 30s, and when to wear them.

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Cheap Monday Returning Summer 2024

Cheap Monday Returning Summer 2024

image via Cheap Monday

I was browsing around the online fashion places and low and behold I happened to come across some good news: Cheap Monday is returning this summer!

This is some good news, I always liked Cheap Monday so I am glad it’s making a return. If you missed out the first time it was around then you’ll be able to get your hands on some Cheap Monday stuff soon.

Here’s what happened and what’s coming down the line.

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